This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Discover a way to maximize worldwide donations of household items through an innovative and effortless process, supported by a partnership of online stores and shipping companies. Shoppers reuse the shipping boxes from the items they’ve purchased to send donated goods to their charities of choice. Shippers deliver these boxes free to charge, which eases the logistics, promotes recycling and generates goodwill.

Having immigrated from a Polish farm to Chicago seven years ago, Monika Wiela soon realized this is indeed in the land of possibilities when she sold the first pair of shoes on the internet. Shortly after, she started, two successful internet fashion wear retail businesses. A dreamer of dreams, she always wants to help the less fortunate. Upon an accidental encounter with an homeless guy on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, she came up with the ingenious triple-win concept GiveBackBox™, an effortless and cost-free solution to help people help others in need and help the environment.

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