In 2015 Monika Wiela received the highest award given to a Polish born individual.  The "Outstanding Pole Abroad in the area of Business".

The Competition is the latest initiative of the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation, whose main objective is to create a positive image of Poles, to show their achievements and to highlight and promote those who have been able to succeed at home and abroad.

The Award showcases those who through their work and commitment contribute to promoting a positive image of Poland and Polish people in the world, and to approximate figures of these people in our country, because, as experience very often shows, , our countrymen, very well known and respected abroad, remain completely anonymous to us - Poles living in the country. The Competition is co-organized by the Association "Polish Community".

The first edition of the competition was held in 2010, and its winners were: Wojciech Kilar - one of the greatest Polish composers and Hilary Koprowski - a virologist and immunologist who discovered the world's first vaccine against the polio virus.

Following the recommendations of the Jury of the “Teraz Polska” Emblem , the Competition was extended to foreign stages and divided into 5 categories in 2011.


At this time the "Outstanding Pole" competition takes place simultaneously in Poland and abroad.

The foreign edition of the Competition is addressed, in particular, to Polish citizens and citizens of Polish origin permanently residing outside Poland and is carried out in five categories:

"Young Pole”

Organizing Committees set up by local Polish communities abroad are responsible for conducting the foreign edition of the Competition. From the representatives of local Polish communities(Polonia), the Committees appoint members of the Experts Commission, , whose task is to assess the candidates entered into the Competition and to select the winners.

Polish AwardThe group of experts represents a wide a cross- section of the local Polish community. The commission welcomes individuals of reputation and authority, having extensive experience and knowledge of the activities of our compatriots in the country. The full representation of the Polish community in the work of this body provides an objective assessment of candidates and the proper selection of Laureates.

In addition, we are making an effort to gain organizational support from Polish diplomatic missions. The collaboration with and knowledge of local Polish communities would not be possible at this stage of the competition without the invaluable assistance of the Polish Consulates.

All those awarded in the regional stages receive the honorary title of Outstanding Pole in a given country, a commemorative statuette and a diploma. In the previous edition the regional stages were carried out in the U.S. (New York and Chicago), Belgium, Norway and Singapore. At present, intensive efforts are being made to launch the Outstanding Pole Competition in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Canada.

The national edition of the "Outstanding Pole" is carried out directly by the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation and is connected to the organization of the”Teraz Polska” Competition. Candidates for the award are recommended by a wide range of social and local government organizations, which cooperate with the Foundation in this field.

From the Awardees of international regional editions and candidates indicated by national organizations, the Competition Jury selects the Awardees of the Outstanding Pole Competition. During the ”Teraz Polska” Gala at the Teatr Wielki (Grand Theatre) in Warsaw, they are awarded the "Outstanding Pole” Statuettes.

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